Monday, June 28, 2010

Au Revoir Rosenblatt

Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, in Omaha, Nebraska, is a fixture to College Baseball much like Wrigley Field is to the Chicago Cubs & Fenway Park is to the Boston Red Sox. It is the epicenter of college baseball where teams like Arizona State, Cal State Fullerton, Texas would have trips penciled in to play in the collegiate showcase. Opening its doors in 1948 it has hosted the College World Series since 1950 crowning 60 National Champions while displaying a cast of thousands while etching memories that will stand for generations. Images like Minnesota’s Dave Winfield and the one hit gem that wasn’t enough to beat mighty Southern California in 1973. Or the famous phantom pick off play by Miami to knock off Wichita State in 1982. How about 1996 where a two-run bottom of the ninth home run by LSU’s Warren Morris that gave the Tigers the National Championship, number three of six. Will Clark (Mississippi State) hit here, Mike Mussina (Stanford) pitched here, and Jacob Ellsbury (Oregon State) rose to stardom here. It was not only a place for the best college baseball teams to showcase their talents but a gathering point for fans across the country to meet up and trade stories over some shaved ice & a hot dogs with the works. Whether the team you followed made the trip or not it was one place that you had to see and experience for yourself. Now the hallowed grounds on top of the hill next to the zoo will close its doors forever. One more champion to be crowned, a closing ceremony will ensue, and a flood of tears bidding farewell to a place where baseball and ice cream from the Zesto Hut go hand in hand. The girders and aluminum bleachers may be moving but your time Rosenblatt will be in the hearts of baseball fans forever.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where's The Red Card?

The following is a formal request from the Ways & Means to Make TV Interesting Committee to the Lenslinger Institute. Here's is part of the inquiry:


I know that you have been enjoying some well deserved time away from making television at the Ocho. However, by chance if you have been watching any of the World Cup you are witnessing some serious drama originating from South Africa. France falling apart in front of the world to see, the United States making an improbable run, & the Germany taking England behind the wood shed for a serious butt kicking. However nothing could prepare me would what was about to happen. It was Argentina verses Mexico. Two hated rivals waging another contest for supermacy
in the world of soccer. The Argentines had just gone up 2 – 0 when it happened. Gabriel Henizne, the guy on the right, was in the huddle celebrating a goal, turned, then bumped is head against the camera. Incidental contact I’m thinking, no harm no foul. Then without hesitation this was the result.

The lens is being sent the other way. Now I know emotions can run high with the weight of one’s country on your back but this ridiculous. This is just another example of people who just can't keep their hands to themselves.

Surprisingly, no official caught this heinous attack that is being shown on international television as well as on viral videos across the globe. We are already being subject gated to the possibility of Argentina’s Head Coach running around the country in the buff should they win it all now it seems that it is open season on photographers just trying to cover the beautiful game that has all of a sudden shown an ugly side.

Therefore, I am requesting that the Lenslinger Institute investigate this matter with great urgency and that the proper issuing of a Red Card, as well as any other punishment deemed neccessary, be delivered to the player in question, did you know?


Senator Hollins
Ways and Means to Make TV Interesting Committee

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cantina 2010

Stated in an earlier post, the start of the FIFA World Cup is drawing near. 32 countries will travel to South Africa to compete on the soccer field to claim the right to be called World Champion. Thus causing a blitz of commercials to entice fans of the beautiful game to spend money to coincide with the four year event. Nike has their "Write The Future" ad. Now a rival shoe maker has this....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hooray For Hollywood

The mere mention of “Road Trip” can make one smile with excitement. Especially when it’s one that will send you to the west coast to cover one of the local sports teams. Guys would be lining up for the chance to explore the sights and culture of another metropolis. Looks like old Jacques Doucet drew the right card. Granted he is half a country away but I hear the weather is nice in Los Angeles. I see he is already drawing attention from the local TV crews. Wonder if he is explaining the difference between Tabasco and Hot Sauce. Who knows? Just how long he's on the left coast depends on how well the Purple & Gold can play on the diamond in the post season.