Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Locker Edition

It’s a new year. New beginnings, new challenges, new day to look at the mess that is my locker. After doing this for so long I have to ask have in the world did I accumulate this amount of stuff and how in the world is able to fit inside this limited area of space? That’s a question for some math genius or physicist; surprisingly we had one on the staff some time ago. While gazing on this accomplishment I keep looking over my shoulder to make sure the crew from A&E’s Hoarders isn’t taping me for the next season. On a side not, that is one crazy show. Back to the matter at hand.
What all is in here? I see magazines. Water bottles. Coffee mugs. Batteries. Pictures. Notebook. Chargers. Rain coat. Another notebook. Aleve, xray ted's yapping will always give you a headache. Flash drives. A third notebook, don't ask why. The Ark, (shhh!) don’t tell Indy. And tapes. Lots and lots of tapes. Let’s be honest before the digital conversion you had to keep a stash of them ready to go. Never knew when the next big story was going to happen and the last thing you wanted was to be out of tapes to capture the event. Can’t believe that it’s been a few years since I last used these. Might be a good idea to get the video off of them before the machines start to break down.
After a little work and a big trash can, here’s what we have. A nice clean, organized locker. Maybe now I can finally start putting my equipment in here.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please Stay In The Upright Position

Whether you are some prep walk, a politician in trouble with the government, or a type of march (pictured above) a photographer will eventually have to walk backwards to get the shot you need. Trust me it is not as easy as it looks since one little uneven crack can send you and your camera tumbling to the pavement plus earn you a spot on someone’s blooper reel. How do we do it? How is it that we somehow managed to get eyes in the back of our heads? Years of experience perhaps? Knowing where the level ground is? Maybe we’ve honed our knowledge of The Force. Honestly I have no idea why we don’t fall over more often. Just glad I kept upright during this interview. It’s not a good feeling when you hit the cold pavement.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Face of Survival

A wise person once said, “You don’t know where I’ve been till you walked a mile in my shoes.”

I’m guessing that person must have met Theresa Flores. When you look at her for the first time you would see a successful woman, a beautiful mom, and a passionate speaker. What if I told you that she is a survivor? Got your attention? What if I told you that she is a survivor from a life of human trafficking? By now your eyes may have gotten full at this point.

Her story is remarkable. Her quest for change in the law is undeniable. The details can only be best told by her since she is trying to prevent a set of mental scars on another victim.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Must See Movies

If this is anything like it's predecessors this will be worth watching. That and the fact the release date holds a special meaning to me.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's Who?

For all of you young bright eyes photographers heed the words of the wise Stewart Pittman, known to many in the business as the great blogger known as Lenslinger. "Always be rolling" are his famous words and they are golden especially in this instance. I give you exhibit A, seen to the left. A crew from WWL-TV in New Orleans was highlighting the expected baking boom of king cakes with the upcoming Carnival Season approaching. While shooting one an interview who should appear but famed actor Samuel L. Jackson. Yes that one. A random glimpse of Jules Winnfield graced the lens but for a brief moment. I'm not going to lie, I am big fan of Sam Jackson. From his roles as the drug addict"Gator" in Jungle Fever to the Jedi Master known as Mace Windu in the Star Wars films his performances never disappoint me.

What would I have done if given the chance to meet him? I would walked up, shook his hand, ask for a picture, then say I loved the role as the coach in the hockey movie. Truly some of his finest work, did you know?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Next 31,556,926 Seconds

Senator's Log: January 1st, 2011. 1:11 pm. 2010 was an interesting year to say the least. That roller coaster of time really moved for the past 365 days. Some days were a blur but they were eventful none the less. There were some ups, there were some downs. We saw a few changes; some were welcomed while others really caught me off guard. We had to go through some tragedy but the light of joy eventually made things better. I saw some of the people I considered family move on to other opportunities while welcoming in new faces to the asylum. My lens and fuzzy mic got to tell some interesting stories along the way. The first time I went to a Country Music concert, the inside look of a famous haunted attraction, all while dishing out some well deserved gratitude to men & women who protect our country.

Now it’s time to start the year known as 2011. A new year and a new decade who knows what she will bring our way but for now enjoy some of my favorite images of 2010 that made this one to remember.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s enjoy the time and get some good memories out of it, did you know?