Thursday, April 29, 2010

Battle Cry

Can you feel it? That tingling feeling down your neck. The thoughts of mad scientists rampaging across whiteboards around the country. That rush of viewers running towards the glowing box. If you are in our line of work that means Sweeps have invaded the newsroom once again. The time where ideas are put to paper then executed to draw the attention of the loyal faithful. Things can get tense from time to time. The special reports to go along with the daily grind can cause even the seasoned professionals to get on each other’s nerves. However, there are the moments that draw us together for the common cause…
Famous words from Capt. Jean Luc Picard. Yeah I know he is fictional but you cannot help but smile when The Meeks gets his hands on the dry markers. Nothing like a laugh to break the ice on the first day of the sweeps book.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Attack of the Atomic Octopi

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the water and take pictures. No sign of Jaws or the Loch Ness Monster however one the deep blue sea's creatures went all Sean Penn on a photographer. No word yet it there will be an legal ramifications from this.
And yeah, I know it was just one octopus but octopi just sounded cooler, did you know?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dress To Impress

Normally with all my accumulated dude privileges you wouldn’t catch me anywhere near a dress shop with a bunch of ladies looking for some after five wear. However when a local Fairy Godmother decides she wants to dish out some nice evening wear to go with the glass slippers then it’s time for the fuzzy mic to make an appearance. Despite the strained economic climate the Godmother of Mid City was going to bring some smiles and keep the clock from striking midnight for some ladies in her community.

I like it when a good story comes together hope the memories on Prom Night are special for the girls also, did you know?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thinking Out Of The Box

It’s bound to happen to us all. You’re at the office waiting for you assignment of the day. One of your favorite reporters walks up and tells the cards that we have been dealt for the day. In this instance a local police chief prevents a burglary from happening. In doing so he winds up being dragged by one of the suspects’ truck. Law enforcement scrambles to get the bad guys while the chief, being the hero, could have been seriously hurt. It is a great story to tell the grandkids just a little difficult to put on for television. So how in the world do we make this visually appealing? Two words…

Stand Up.

This was one of those times where a story lacking video was going to live with a creative stand up. So the Nubian Princess and I had to brainstorm first on what to say then how to make the pictures flow since we didn’t that much to work with any way. A few takes later and we come up with something that will keep some eyeballs watching the lead story.

Got to thank the NP for being cool with some of the crazy ideas I threw around therefore I picked up the tab for lunch. Small price to pay when thinking out of the box works, did you know?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eyes Of A Child

When I tell people that I shoot the news for television the usual response I get is that you must see a lot. They have no idea. Lately the video of the day have been shootings, fatal traumas, and more shootings. The backdrop has consisted of flashing lights, hysterical citizens, and a whole lot of yellow crime tape. Today was no different. After filling more than the allotted time in the A block, I’m sent over to the Red Stick’s latest causality. It’s a neighborhood on the eastern part of the city, one that hasn’t seen any kind of criminal activity in a while until now. However, mass quantities of violent behavior have been the norm here. I roll up to the scene, break out the fancy cam and get some pictures. Police surveying the area, CSI is collecting evidence, and residents’ wondering what in the world is going on. My thoughts the world is going to hell in a hand basket. There is more concern for materialistic things than human life. There are people who want to inflict their lost will without regard for others. There is not enough compassion on the planet.

After grabbing the video for the news I drop to a knee and reflect on what is going on. Suddenly I feel a little tap on my shoulder. It’s one of the neighborhoods little residents. Standing there with ball in his hand and a look of concern in his eyes. Guess not being able to play in front of your house because of death will do that to you. He doesn’t ask me my name but he says something that catches me off guard…

“I hate crime scenes”.

All I could say was, “me too kid”. Some powerful words from someone so young. Someone who should be playing with his friends not dodging bullets. Someone who should be looking forward to life not fearing it will be cut short by another’s recklessness. I think that this kid is done with seeing the world through the flashing lights of a police cruiser. Maybe there’s hope for this world seems like the next generation has had enough of senseless death & destruction being the norm.