Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mystery of the Modern Historical Wiki

Normally when the Ways & Means to Make Television Interesting Committee is summoned to the Capitol there are going to long days in our future. After all we’re the committee that keeps everyone on their best behavior. However when the unusual, the weird, and the quirky decides to stroll through the halls of the rotunda then action must take place. There was no question that members of the Government Street & Highland Road districts would dwell into this latest mystery. And to think this is before we are called back into session, did you know?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Madness Comes Early

Senator’s Log: February 19th and 20th, 2011. Saturday afternoon. The time warp of destruction and despair was just getting started. The scanners were just revving up what would be a very busy 48 hours. The spot news flood gates were coming open with the tide of human despair flowing onto the streets of The Big Raggedy. More flashing lights, an endless supply of crime tape, and the fancy cam with the fuzzy mic right in the middle of things. It started with a fire that turned into a homicide, a drowning in the outskirts of the area, a shooting near an upscale shopping staple, a fire that claimed the life of a resident, and an argument that ended with one losing their life. You know it was crazy when you see familiar faces of law enforcement hours after working a previous incident. Just glad things are somewhat getting quiet. Some want it just to be calm for a day, I’ll settle for a few hours.

To the person who coined the phrase, “If it bleeds it leads,” you my friend are a certified wacko. I really need a feature story to shot in the worst way. Good thing I have one in the works more on that in a later entry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Matt vs. Food

Those who have loyally waken up with us in the morning know of the adventures that one Matt Williams will brave for the devoted following. Tackling just about every challenge our fearless anchor is willing to do it all. Now with a new sweeps book in full swing he is in competition with his latest adversary… FOOD! Yes, food. Taking a page from the Turdpolisher’s Quest for the Best Burger in the area, Matt now puts his will and his stomach in the line of fire for more of the best cuisines and food challenges that the staff can find. His latest challenge, Hot Sauce. Legend has it that this unique concoction is so powerful it has made grown men wallow in misery leaving them shells of their former self. Will our hero make through the hot sauce challenge? Will he be ready to go for another round of pig out spots in South LA? Good thing the company’s health insurance plans have been updated. Not to worry Matt got the Cardiologist on line 2 for you.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Game In The Game

Now the a new champion has been crowned on the field the talk around the water cooler turns to who had the most memorable ad during the Super Bowl. The anticipation for a 30 second spot is usually more than the game itself. There were a few that caught my eye after watching them all. You had the re-boot of the job monkeys, the trailers for the upcoming summer movies (just hope the one with robots have a decent script this year), and the beer commercials but there was one that stood above the rest…

Sunday, February 6, 2011

This Time Last Year

Has it really been a year since it happened? Since the Gulf Region was turned on its ear because of one game? Has it been that long since a majority of the staff was dispatched to South Beach? A place of sand and surf. Fast cars and faster women. Unique culture to go with unique people. Reporters and photographers from all corners of the globe, with ranking members of the Big Raggedy among them, converging on the most watched sporting event in the world.
Has it been that long since the rest of us had to deal with the mass hysteria here? With every story in every newscast revolving around what was going on at a beach thousand miles away from the capital city. With sales of Black and Gold merchandise flying off the shelves. Has it been that long since the sports bars were crammed to capacity? Has it been that long she tied the knot with her future husband? I sure hope he hasn’t forgotten his wedding anniversary?
Has it been that long since the aftermath? Since the kid from Port Allen sealed the deal in the final moments of the game? Has it been that long since we were outside of a sporting goods store with the realization that hell froze over? Has it been that long since we found a group doing an impromptu audition for Idol? Has it been that long since the world’s longest celebration started?

Yeah I guess it has. I was glad my peeps got to experience this thrill. Something they will never forget, something I hope they will always cherish.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Clear View

I'm sure every photographer in the field has this view of him or herself cleaning the lens of their camera. To be honest it's even cooler when you are in a downpour and whip the towel out to wipe off excess water on live television. Not the case here but it's still a nice moment in time.