Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Well Governor

Just want to send some get well wishes to former LA Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco who is in a battle with a rare form of eye cancer. The Governor found out she had choroidal melanoma, a rare disease that affects one in six million people during a routine eye exam back in the early part of the summer. She recently got some radiation treatments and is responding well to them. According to her post on Caring Bridge she says her vision is improving and that she will eventually be well enough to resume normal activities.

Gov. Blanco, or "Mama" as she coined herself during her term in office, get well you are story for others fighting cancer to look towards. Take care mama.

Monday, August 29, 2011

8 - 29 - 05

The day will live always in infamy for those who live along the Gulf Coast. A she beast known as Katrina roaring ashore bringing death & destruction with her. Leaving misery and mayhem in her wake. Thousands displaced from the only place they knew as home. The wind brought the first punch, the water delivered a knockout blow. A region crippled with lack of any direction for its people to follow. What else could happen? How many lost their lives? Was this the end?

The answer...no. Hell's floodgates was no match for the resolve and perseverance of the human spirit. Strangers who managed to come together and bring hope to those who lost it. In time the region was reborn. Most of the area was rebuilt. There was some relief. Sadly there was also one problem after another from the gift that kept on giving.

Now six years later...we reflect. We mourn. We never forget where we were that day that is forever etched in epic lore. Thankfully we also learn from the mistakes of that event. Putting together ideas and plans that will keep us from repeating the misfortunes of the past.

I look forward to the day when all is whole once again. For now I'll just keep on remembering the events of day and pray that I don't have to document something like that again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still Shooting News & Blogging About

What’s up guys? Sorry for the self imposed hiatus from the blog. Things over at the Raggedy have been crazier than usual. Take last weekend for example we were all over the place chasing breaking news. Honestly I’m surprised that I can write this post. Sadly it’s only going to get wilder since fall is drawing near and the madness will just ramp up. Story wise I am trying to get a good one going, hopefully if things go well it will air in December.

I did do a little tweaking to the place. I threw some of favorite pictures into the wallpaper factory. I’ll be changing it from time to time just to liven things up a bit. For now take care and thanks for stopping by The Senator’s Forum, did you know?