Saturday, July 17, 2010

Softball for Soldiers

How do you define a hero? One who is of distinguished courage or ability. It is someone who is admired for their brave deeds and qualities. A person who has performed an act that regards them as a model or ideal. How about someone who enlists in the Armed Forces and without questions goes out and defends the country knowing the risks involved. Knowing that there is a chance that they may not make it home to hug mom & dad again or kiss their better half.
How do you pay tribute to a hero? You can shower them with respect. You can tell them that, “We like what you are doing. You have us behind you.” You can simply tell them thank you. Or you can go hit the diamond and play a friendly game of softball. If you are one Jacques Doucet that is what you do.
For the better part of a decade, Jacques & his friends have been spending their summer with a friendly game of softball with the neighborhood crowd over some Cajun food and few cold ones to wash it down. However lately he decided to take the game and transform it into a must attend event that is pure entertainment for the family, minus the adult cold ones of course. Using his fame garnered from years of television exposure and recent contacts gained from a recent trip to the west coast, Doucet has managed to pull off a first for his tournament.

A great token of appreciation to the men and women fighting for our freedom. Thanks guys, look forward to seeing everyone coming home safe and sound.

Special thanks to Derron "XRAY TED" Daquano and Chris Blades for the video & stills from the Celebrity Game last night.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Time on The 4th

For the past 234 years, we as a nation have come together to celebrate our independence from the rule of the United Kingdom through a war of immense importance and a document with the signatures of some of the founding fathers in United States history.

For the past 11 years that I have been in television I have never had to work this holiday. Normally the holiday would fall on a weekend or with me taking the events later in the year I was left out of the rotation for this one. As someone once said there is a first time for everything. I knew about the music and the fireworks that will happen once the sun goes down but to me there is more than just showing up and having one big party to put on television. So once I finished making the cable run for the live shot it was time to find another angle that is sometimes put on the back seat because most see this as just another day off.