Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Saga Continues...

If you've been reading Turdpolisher's blog you know about the ongoing stories of the live trucks employed by the Big Raggedy. Just recently all trucks were given a clean bill of health or so we thought. The "Whale" was brought back in for generator issues while the "SAT Bitch" is still operating properly since it is in Tuscaloosa for the LSU game. What about the "Beast" you ask. A funny thing happen on the way to the basketball game. It seems that Turdpolisher is stranded on the LSU campus with get this more truck issues. The same truck that was out for number weeks with engine and dish troubles has died on us again. No I'm serious the truck has died again. This thing has more broken parts than Frankenstein's monster.Needless to say Turdpolisher is not a happy camper. After pulling off another improbable live shot the truck decides that its not going anywhere. We'll let him cool off some more before we continue. Cool. He's calm down. Nothing we can do but have the tow truck come over and get it out of here. And to make matters worse the flood gates of Hell have seemed to start overflowing and no way to use a perfectly good microwave dish. There's much to name at this time but stay the saga continues.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The 13th Gate

With a rare night off from dealing with Pookie, Ray Ray, Shortie Tim, Lil Bit, and the rest of the usually photogenic fellas that make the news. It was time to turn my attention to a local attraction that resides in the Government Street District. The 13th Gate. Nothing like a giant bat like creature to welcome you to a local house of horrors.This place opened some time ago and has become one of the premier Haunted Attractions in the country. A lot of work goes into making this place worth visiting. From the staff in costume to the special effects brought in to scare the daylights out of unsuspected visitors. So a brave group of us, Cheryl, Joe L., Caroline, and yours truly, decided to confront the ghosts and goblins before All Hollows Eve. Tyana was with us but realized that the Black people are the first to get killed off in the movie so she passed. Smart woman but that just leaves me to deal with this. Don't make the special election plans just yet.After a nice half hour walk with Ax Murders, Zombies, Pirates, Egyptian Ghosts, and a Crematory Oven we made it through alive. Probably I good thing I wore dark pants. After all that we made it out and had a good scary time. I'll have to let Cheryl tell of her brave experience. And what do you know, the black guy can make it through the end. That is until the sequel. Can you say "13th Gate: Flashlight Friday".

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't Hurt The Reporter

I am a firm believer of everyone is responsible for their own actions. If you act up today be warned you will be on the blog tonight. For example, what happened today outside of the Federal Court building was one of those rare events.Ronald "Gun" Ficklin is the former sheriff of St. Helena Parish. Yes, he is nicknamed "Gun". He got caught in a federal investigation involving use the of a chop shop, stealing auto parts, and altering VIN's on some cars. After a number of charges were brought against him he plead guilty earlier this year and today he was due back in court for sentencing. While in court everything seemed to be docile and quiet. Outside was a whole other story.First I was shocked he stopped and talked to us in particular Paul Gates. Paul was the one who broke the story a few years ago and thus the firestorm ensued. People from St. Helena were always saying, "Why are you picking on us?" or "You only tell what you want to tell". I think to myself, first I don't really care about the Charlie Brown sickness that has all of a sudden come over some of the former sheriff's supporters. Let me remind you, your guy got caught in with his hand in the cookie jar. Your guy thought he was above the law and was brought down to Earth. We were here to report the story and report the story we did.

Back to the chaos outside. It seems that Mr. Ficklin wanted to tell us about the other things going on in St. Helena that he claims we know about and did nothing about. All due respect this was not about who else may or may not be following the letter of the law, this is about you. His supporters didn't see it that way. Especially the fiery red head that took the microphone from Paul. I guess deep down she wanted to be a reporter but never made the cut.

If looks could kill Paul would pushing up daises right now. I'm just glad he got the microphone back. Here's the story from the newscast.

Monday, October 22, 2007

4 More Years

Yes, yes, it was that time of the year. It was time for Louisiana to exercise their right to vote. There were some interesting races all over the state. From city council seats to Insurance Commissioner. From Sec. of State to parish president races. Even the top spot of Governor was up for grabs. I know what your are thinking, "Who care about those things. What about your race Sen. Hollins?"Thanks to my wonderful constituents, I am proud to represent to hard working people of the Government Street District for another 4 years. I shall continue the great working relationships with Rep. Turdpolisher, with Sen. Crumbs, and the newly elected Rep. Daquano.
My pledge, to make the world a better place for all those feeding the beast on a daily basis. I promise longer lunch breaks and more vacation days. No more unwarranted live shots in front of the Roman Coliseum. Holidays pay shall be tripled and sweeps stories will have more nat sound and cooler promos. PIO's and PR reps would return phone calls in minutes not hours. I promise a bowl of Gumbo and a slab of ribs for everyone who works out in the field. I see a place where photographers, reporters and producers put nothing on but the best when it comes to news quality.
Thank you my people for giving me 4 more quality years. God Bless you and God Bless the Big Raggedy!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

An Eagle In The Sky

Life is filled with the unexpected and the unexpected came to the doorsteps of the Clinton High Eagles football team. One of their players Jasper Rodgers collapsed after practice earlier this week and later died in the hospital.

Jasper was the most noticable guy on the team. Being 6'6, 300 pounds will get you noticed. But those who know him would describe him as someone who loved life and loved his team. He didn't play much but he would always show up for practice and enjoy the company of friends and his family. No one knows why God took him to heaven they just know he will be missed on Earth.

These kids had to grow up fast and they did. Knowing they had string of games they took time to pay tribute to their fallen comrade. Their actions said that our friend may be gone but he is not forgotten. So they suited up and for at least a few hours they were able to be kids. They were able to let their minds go free. They were able to do what they loved to do and that's play a game. It didn't matter if they won or lost. They just wanted to play because Jasper would have wanted them to play.

And play they did. With heavy hearts they played with pride. With dignity. And with honor. In the end the Eagles won the game. The score didn't matter. The only thing that matter was a group of kids coming together in spite of the circumstances. I'm sure Jasper was watching and he probably had big smile on his face.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


The Forum shall stand in recess. Any objection. No objection motion passes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Must Be Good Chicken

A couple of things I learned in this business, if you finish your main assignment early something will happen. And 9 times out of 10, nothing good will happen around Plank and one of the Indian Streets.
This leads me to tonight. Call comes out over the scanner that someone has been shot. Plank and Ontario is the location and my 10pm story is in the can. Time to check this one out and see if it is worth anything.
Turns out that Shortie Tim, one of Pookie and Ray Ray's friends, tries to rob someone at gunpoint. Things don't go as plan and he ends up shooting the guy in the arm. He's expected to recover. I go ahead and roll off a pictures for the morning crew. Just a little something new for them.
As the CSI is marking the crime scene I noticed something on the ground. With the aid of my trusty lens and watching countless CSI marathons, I see a take out container on the ground. It appears to be from a local institution know for it's famous "Knuckle Sucking" cuisine. I'm talking about the Chicken Shack just right up the road.
A motive, a strange one, but a motive nonetheless. Now there are other things to wild over. Maybe some Ruth Chris. Or how about Dreamland, that's the stuff. How often do you get those ribs man I wish they were still in town. My only conclusion is that Shortie Tim was hungry, smelled the chicken, and just went nuts. Case solved. Now time to go watch CSI on the DVR.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


For 15 years WAFB was the home of one of the best people in this business as well as one of the best people on this planet. James Verrett, by his own admissions, came in as a lump of coal but is leaving as a polished diamond in the world of television. Management at the time took a chance on a young kid and was able to help groom a great professional on and off camera.

I first encountered JV while I was in school, not knowing what aspect of the industry I wanted to pursue. Would you believe one of the first things he taught me was how to hold the microphone to get the best sound from your interview.

Eight years later our paths crossed again. I was young and still without a clue on what I was doing and he was one of the ones that helped get my career going. There are a bunch of stories I could tell about James. One of my favorites was in 2004. We had to go to Montgomery, AL for the Southern/AL State football game. The conditions weren't ideal. It was hot as sin, there was no room on the field to move so you had to be careful not to trip over any players on the sideline, and The Jags were getting pounded by 21 points late in the third quarter. Then State's starting QB gets knocked out of the game. James comes up to and says, "Be ready. Southern is going to win this game". The heat must be getting to me, did James just tell me that Southern was going to come back and win this game after getting the tar kicked out of them at the start. I brush it off. I'm hot and tired. I just want this game to end and go to bed. All of sudden, the comeback was on. The Jags score 28 unanswered completing one of the greatest comeback in school history. I thinking to myself how did JV know this and please let me have all of the TD's on tape.

Before he leaves for the ATL he filed one last report.

JV you have and will always be a good friend of mine. I wish you nothing but success with your new job at FSN South. And be on the lookout for us when we hit Atlanta. Don't be stranger you have family at the Big Raggedy. Take care and God Bless my friend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One B.R., Not Yet

By now you know Joe Traigle from one of Turdpolisher's post. Last night Traigle took his proposed resolution to the Metro Council hoping to bring unity to the Red Stick. He brought something, a lot of religious persona's saying that One B.R. is nothing more than smoke and mirrors but what they really say what it does is surprising.

Now to today. Let's have Tyana, and yours truly, do a follow up to the fate of One. Now how do you visually show One B.R.? I know lightning struck once, but will it strike again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't Forget About Us

With Cabela's opening last week, and doing quite well from what I hear, the folks at Bass Pro are praying that no one forgets about them. The store is scheduled to open early next year but should have opened much sooner. After numerous petitions, countless court battles, and store owners claiming unfair competition. Bass Pro suits invited us to tour the store. With the producers needing something to fill the newscasts, Tyana and I are sent to the Free State to check out the progress. Right now the store is nothing but concrete and metal beams. It's up to over 100 workers to get things going. Evey nail, ever screw, ever piece of wood has to be up to in order to make sure the Bass Pro lawyer's fight won't go in vain. Our guide informs us that this place will have a number of special attractions.

Don't Be Scared

Imagine my surprise when I heard that Southern University football fans were hostile. Are you kidding me??? This comes from Jackson State head coach Rick Comegy who will be coming here for the first time this Saturday. This is like eating some ribs then saying the sauce was bad. No keep in mind Jackson State's ticket allotment has been sold and their fans are coming to the game.

SU fans hostile????? Now I'm being honest. The only thing the Jaguar Nation is concerned about is where are we going after the game. Do we hit the club or to we go back to the tailgate spot on campus. If I had a choice, it would be to get something to eat off the grill.

I know why he's worried. The Nation is ticked off. Last week the Jags lost a close one to AL A&M and is scared that the Southern is going to take it out on J-State. Think about it would you want to play someone coming off a close loss and still in the conference championship picture.

Also they can't bring their band to the game because they are accused of hazing one of their members. So no band and a ticked off Jaguar team. This could be viewed as intimidating.
But when it's all said and done you have to play the game. So coach don't worry about the fans and worry about the ones on the field. And let the the best team win.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Live After 5 Flush

I don't know what it is with Live After 5, a big LSU home game, and the weather. Four weeks ago I was assigned to Live After Five, LSU was playing VA Tech the next day, and thunderstorms were all around us. This past Friday, I was assigned Live After 5, LSU was playing Florida the next day, and rain was all over us. No I'm not making this up if you don't believe me go ask Turdpolisher, he's doing the LSU shot.

The rain starts coming down and why won't they just postpone this. My equipment staying dry is the most important thing right now. Me doing the same is a distant second.
At least the music isn't bad. A few cover songs never hurt.

They should have gotten Rihanna to sing at this one.

I see they are making the most of a wet evening.
I wish Julie's comeback was under better circumstances. There's always elections right around the corner.

Once the rain passed everyone came out and had a good time. They had more sense then me. Watch next week everything will be dry because I'll be assigned to something else and LSU will be on the road. I still say they should have booked Rihanna.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Be Mindful

Get to the office and I'm asked to head over to Polk Elementary School. A group called Safe Kids B.R. is participating in International Walk to School Day. This where awareness to the traffic and pedestrian laws are being taught to the young minds going and coming from school. No reporter assigned with me so I'll see what I could make out of this. Talked to one of the spokespeople and it turns out she was on our morning show so she knew the drill. Answered a few questions and we were good. Hung around to get the kids on parade and I was able to put together a small nat sound piece. Nothing to it, hey I even found the JACK of the day.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Time To Play The Game

LA Politics. If this was organized competition it would rank with the Olympics, the Kentucky Derby, or the Super Bowl. Instead it draws comparisons to the BCS or maybe Professional Wrestling. Just like wrestling its scripted but somewhat entertaining. So let me see if I could write like the head of WWE, Vince McMahon.

Tied at one fall apiece. Cleo "The Senator" Fields is trying to get back in the title hunt for the District 14 Championship. The Justices not budging an inch. The irresistible force vs. the immovable object what will give first. Cleo going for his finisher the "Filibuster" has got the Justices off balance. But wait who's this running to the ring. It's the rest of the plaintiffs and they got the State Constitution wrapped in barbed wire. They nail Sen. Fields with the constitution. Fields is down. The cover one....two.... C'mon Senator kick out. Three!!!!! No! No! No! Not this way. After a costly 2 out of 3 fall courtroom Battle Royal, Sen. Cleo Fields is not being allowed to run for another term in the LA Senate. The plaintiffs get win and the force the Senate District 14 seat to be vacated. Cue - Joey Styles, "Oh my GOD!!!!!!!! Good Ol J.R., "Business is about to pick up in the Phalles Palce."
Well the business of making Cleo signs has stopped. Right now there are nothing more than collectibles for some political junkie. Maybe he'll get them autographed someday. I digress, back to the match making.Be sure to tune in to WAFB's Election Coverage 2007. In a Triple Threat Match for the District 14 Senate Championship it's "Big Bad Momma" Yvonne Dorsey vs. Jason "Babyface" DeCuir vs. "The O.G." Willis Reed. And in the Main Event who will be the next Governor. "The Little Man" Walter Boasso, Cowboy Foster Campbell, "The CEO" John Georges, and "Lighting Tongue" Bobby Jindal battle it out in a Last Man Standing Fatal 4 Way Dance to be top dog in La Politics. Joey what do you have to say? "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"