Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beauty From Mother Nature

In our line of work it's not often that you get a chance to stop and smell the roses. Especially when all kinds of crazy from Mother Nature is rattling everything around you. Thankfully when the chaos was coming our way, I just finished a shift at the asylum. Looking at the phone had to make sure that I didn't miss any call from the desk. Turns out I didn't. That gave me a chance to look at things without having to pull out the rain gear for the fancy cam. There were some impressive sights but roaming along the net I found I couple that really stood out.
Like this one from Frank McMains. This one caught everyone's eye so much that our Weather Team had to flash this one all over the evening news. It's one thing to see lightning but when it completely takes over the picture, then it becomes memorable.

There was also this sight, by Chris Parent, that has made it's way across the social media network. It may never rain in Tiger Stadium but it made a nice foreground for a really cool light show.

Looking at all of this reminds me that I really need to get a decent still camera to capture timeless images, did you know?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What can I say that hasn't been said about my buddy Chris Sasser. Father, husband, member of the Armed Forces, and Award Winning Photojournalist. Those are feats to be proud of. How about newest member of the blogging empire. That's right, the high ranking member of the Highland Road District has decided to follow the path laid down by the Lenslinger Institute and fired up Bars N' Tone, the newest source of reading material that gives another insight into the world of television news.

The chair & the rest of the Ways & Means To Make TV Interesting Committee would like to formally welcome you Senator Sasser to the blogosphere. Look forward to reading your work & becoming a follower, did you know?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gotta A Little Captain In Ya?

We all know how I love commercials and these Captain Morgan ads are pretty cool. This has got to be my favorite.

Monday, September 5, 2011

LEE - way

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Louisiana knows that September is one of the more active months during our 5th Season. More storms that have made landfall in Boot happen during this month than any other. For the last last three years we've manage to keep clear of some of the unwelcome weather systems that plague region. That is until Tropical Depression 13 just popped out of nowhere and into the Gulf of Mexico. No long trek through the Eastern Atlantic was needed for this annoying cousin which would later be known as "Lee". You knew things were going to get a little crazy than usual, yeah I know hard to believe when you work at the asylum. Plans were being put into place for us to begin extended coverage. Nothing wall to wall, we didn't reach Def Com 4, saving that for something with a little more punch to it.

Nonetheless, teams from the Raggedy were put on alert then dispatched to areas that could reach our signal. As far west as Morgan City to Lake Maurepas in the East for the impending rainmaker. Sadly I didn't know that our resolve let alone our patience was going to tested by some. It was Sunday, the Free State of Livingston was our location. All that was asked of us was to seek and find areas that were being affected. The biggest problem was going to be the flood waters being pushed by the south east winds. Kiran & I would met up with our Sat Truck do a couple of live hits, shoot some pictures, feed back to the station & call it an evening. Or so we thought. Some of the townsfolk didn't like that we were there just doing our job. From the one asking if he like us to set up the wind machine to make it more dramatic, to another saying I was going to electrocute everyone by holding my mic close to get some sound of the water, to our personal favorite, "Y'all having fun? Get the hell outta my driveway!" guy. After we had set up everything for the late live shot. Don't get wrong there were some genuine concern from people & they were thankful that we were there. I'm guessing the rest must have a what little common sense & courtesy washed and blown away from the storm.

So after picking up our gear and heading to another nearby location, we got everything back in order. Thanks to Kiran picking up some of the editing, Randy re-dialing on the bird in sky, satellite lingo, & me lighting the shot for the late local news. We came, we saw, we adapted, then concurred. The only one unhappy with us were the frogs in the creek next to us. Guess there were still bitter about Budweiser pulling the ad campaign with their friends awhile ago. They'll get over it, I like the new ones better anyway. Once it was said and done it was time to hit the road then get what ever rest we can. Don't know when the next one is going to come knocking our backdoor. Better wring out the rain gear & get the storm funk out of the car.

Where did I put that bottle Febreze?