Monday, October 31, 2011

Necropolis City

Senator’s Log: October 31, 2011 – 9 pm. It was one year ago that the people from The 13th Gate opened their doors to me for a behind the scenes look to one of America’s Top Haunted Attractions. A lot of time, work, and energy go into making this place a success. The constant hands of the crew to maintain the look of the set from the endless wear and tear. The great talent from the performers to make the house live and breathe to attract an endless number of supporters.

However there is always the chance to raise the bar. A chance to feature a new way of bringing something to life. Or in this case something back from the dead.

Enter Necropolis 13. A life size New Orleans Cemetery complete with untold horrors and a sense of the undead. Powered by one’s innovation and a little Voodoo Magic, people who long left the realm of the living have come back to bring fear to the surface dwellers. Filled with priestess, fire dancers, and zombies it was worth the nearly two year wait for its completion. After all when you go all out you want it done right to keep the people coming back for more.

So after going through the new addition twice, I was more than impressed with it. There were time I was looking for the director to yell cut since it looks like a movie set. Only the zombies didn’t stop. Well not until they claimed as many victims as possible. Good thing I was able to get out intact, heard they had a craving for dark meat.

This haunting season is almost over but if you get a chance to come here it would be worth the trip to see this place in action.

Plus I hear that something else is being worked on. Will keep you posted on this one.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cowboy From NOLA

I didn't know there were cowboys in NOLA? Then again not everyone can rock the hat like fellow photographer Bobby O'Shields while pulling off the "Bear" Bryant pose on the goal post. Patiently waiting to get going on tonight's assignment of premiere athletes playing a game of football. Hanging out with veteran sportscaster Ed Daniels through the good times on the road covering everything from High School to the Pros.

Wonder what's going through his as head a game time approaches? Does the hat make me a cultural icon now? Will Ed pick up the tab for dinner? Is my buddy NOLAN throwing that wild party I asked him not to have?

The game is all that's on his mind now. That and getting the highlights back to the shop for loyal viewer appreciation. Then it's on to the next set of sidelines to do it all again.

Time to saddle up and ride going to be nice journey this year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Think Pink

There are over 180,000 ladies diagnosed with invasive breast cancer a year. An average one woman will die from the disease every 15 minutes. This is the time to tell the ladies in our life to get check. Breast cancer can strike at anytime and early detection is a key asset along with better treatment. We owe this to the one we care about. Ladies we got your back with this fight. After all, the Senator is Pro Save The Ta-Ta's, did you know?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


It's Friday night. The lights are on. The cool air is all around you. It's time for high school football. The glitz, the glamor, the pageantry, and tradition of young players continuing their athletic careers for loyal fans & alumni. Not to mention get their highlights on the local football shows across the state. However there is something that no photographer, rookie or veteran wants to hear....


That's what usually happen when you have a player going full speed towards you while you are roaming along the sidelines. Yeah you have to keep your distance but it still happens. It's cool that you get mentioned on the highlights. But it's never a good feeling that you have to tell the engineers what happen. Think it's worse when they tell you the parts needed to fix the fancy cam are on back order.