Thursday, July 31, 2008

Say Hello To The New Guy

It was bound to happen sooner of later. The Senator would have to kick the tires on the new guy, Andrew Micheals. What formed this combo was this equation in newsroom math: 5 reporters(-1 for high profile court case) + 4 photographers(-1 for shooting high profile court case) + 1 lengthy assignment sheet + 1 night photographer (* working extra) * 4 evening newscasts equals one crazy day. Did everyone get that.

I've been known to get the new reporters on their fist day at the Big Raggedy(C-Line, Cheryl, and KN when they first got here) but the new paths hardly ever come across the night shift. He still has that new reporter look. In fact since he made his debut on the Turdpolisher's site he still doesn't have a picture, or bio, on the webpage but I digress.

He lets me know that our story of the day was previewing the upcoming Tax Free Holiday. Sounds simple but nothing is ever easy in the world of news, see math equation above. After a little brainstorming we managed to do what we always do, fill 1:30 in the the newscast.

Nice job Andrew. Now to get you and Matt Clough in the same room, did you know?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Breaking News

My fellow constituents of the Government Street District,

I can not confirm nor deny this report. Thank you for your understanding and God Bless.

Senator R. Hollins
Government Street District

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Play The Cards You Get

In a post by the Turdpolisher, I must agree trials suck for photographers in LA but they are worst when they continue through the weekend and you have to work it. Just got to play the cards you get.Time to pack a few essentials for the long day of not much to shoot.
Let's see travel chair... check. Towel ... check.
Something to drink. I have a cooler full of those ... check.
Some good reading material ... check. And on a side note, Spike if you are seeing this, I read your book and I could only describe in one word, powerful. Very powerful. I could hear you voice while I was reading it. Thank you for sharing it with me and God Bless.
Now with the penalty phase of this trial moving at a snail's pace, I'm going to have to pay the bookstore a visit for some more good stuff to read, did you know?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Aways Have This

It's a way of life down here. It's hot and you will sweat in LA. Now every experience photographer knows to pace yourself during the summer months. And if you ask ten of us what's the one thing you keep with you at all times. Nine of us will say one of these.....
.... a nice towel. It helps keep you cool under the hot sun while setting up live shots in the humid summer months. You'll always have regrets when you forget to bring one with you. It multi functional, you can use it to keep you lens clean.
Plus people will mistake you for the Dark Lord of Sith. Too bad my Jedi Mind Powers have little effect on producers. Now that last photographers may say to always have a nice cool drink close by.
Not to worry, I've got one of those too. You can never be too prepared for the Louisiana heat.

Call the Promoters

Taking a break from training for my upcoming title match with XRAY and I found this all over the place.
And I thought that Women's Basketball game got out of control. Someone said something about somebody's mom and all hell broke loose.

The Main Event could stand alone. Now the promoters are working a feverish pace to get this added to the PPV along with the Duno/Patrick Pitrow Catfight.

And XRAY, I hope your not getting distracted cause I want no excuses. The Champ is here, did you know?????

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chillin with Joey Pants

From Guido the Killer Pimp ( Risky Business) to Ralph Cifaretto (The Sopranos), Joe Pantoliano has been one of the best character actors in the business. Most become type casted in the field but Joey Pants can play just about any role thrown his way. So why the visit to the Big Raggedy??? It the role he's involved with now. Might not get him an Oscar or Emmy but it's going to help change lives. Believe it or not Joey Pants has been suffering from depression for nearly a decade. Instead of drowning in sorrow he's taking the lead to help bring awareness to help bring awareness with his organization "No Kidding,Me Too!" Using humor to help those dealing with brain dis-ease become functioning members of society.

It always nice to have celeb's visit us at the Raggedy. Time for some pictures and hopes of not embarrassing ourselves, to late for Meeks though. Now off to the Bada Bing!!!!!

Raunchy Brunch

I have been known to partake in a nice brunch after church with my family at the IHOP. It's one of the few places that affordable as well as the food being good. I'll go for the Colorado Omelet and short stack of pancakes, no extra butter. I don't expect anything out of the ordinary to happen. Then again I never ate an IHOP in Toledo, OH.

So imagine one family's surprise when they were having brunch and witnessed a couple getting more than the Rooty Tooty Fresh N Fruity plate. Turns out that the couple likes to show their unconditional and all out"affection" public. Some customers were outraged demanding that action be taken by having the action stopped a few tables down. I got to thinking should the Waffle House be put on alert. At least this doesn't happen at Hooter's. All of a sudden I've developed a taste for wings. I'll buy the first order, did you know?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Pit Row Showdown

At first glance you would think that the two beautiful ladies, Danica Patrick & Milka Duno(right), are a couple of supermodels or actresses lighting up runways and movie sets across the globe. It turns out they are a couple of reasons why the Indy Car Racing League is popular these days. I mean think about it, a couple of gorgeous woman driving cars over 200 mph. It's a marketing dream come true. Not to mention the constant media attention and endorsement deals they'll command. So imagine what the League and the Team Owners must be going through when this made it's way across the world.

I wonder if the promoters can get this to be the undercard fight for my Championship Match with XRAY TED. As for now back to training. And Milka, I would be honored if you were in my corner, did you know?

Party Like Rock Stars

History was made last weekend in the B.R. as the much anticipated debut of Louisiana's newest music sensation Sound Byte graced us with their presence and tested our hearing under the warm humid moonlight.A group of four souls came together as one to bring a sold out crowd some of the best cover songs in history. As well as provide us with a release from a long, long work week.
This is a big time group. Their own publicist, a few web pages, hell even t-shirts marked the occasion. They didn't have my size.
Look at that. The groupies are throwing themselves at J-Hagar. I think the number read "867-5309". I know what he was doing after the show.
I think J-Hagar is really getting into this. Must have been watching his Van Halen tapes before the show.
Overall it was a pretty good show. The tons of alcohol made it pass by faster. I don't know what the schedule has them playing next. But let's hope it is a gig that has some central air conditioning, did you know?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Why So Serious?

It may go down as one the most anticipated summer movies in history. Already the reviews are coming in for "The Dark Knight" and there is some serious hype surround this movie. From New York to Chicago, hoards of fans are buying tickets a week in advance to see the sequel to the 2005 blockbuster. Unfortunately the gears are also winding by the brain trust at the Raggedy on how to be a part of the Summer Craze that is "The Dark Knight".
What do you know, there's the signal. I'm going to have unplug that thing every once in while. The plan is to go to the movies, set up a live shot for the late shows, and get people waiting for the Midnight showing. If that's what they want. So I set up everything and then run into Johnny "Ace", morning show traffic reporter, and he then relays the message that the morning show now wants some reaction to people seeing the movie. So I'm hearing this right, I now have to stay up even later to help fill some time for the AM peeps. They have been known to flash the signal from time to time for various things. So who better to talk about the movie than the die hard comic book fans. Haven't seen this much excitement since the last Star Wars movie, by the way that is due later this summer for those of you who use the Force.

If you can get tickets go and see the movie. The story was great and Heath Ledger's performance as "The Joker" was excellent. And who knows, you may spot some characters from the comic book pages.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We are Sound BYTE

ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!!!!! Sorry, had to throw in some Ozzy. Contrary to popular belief I listen to more than just Hip Hop and R&B. I listen to other forms of music. Little Jazz, little Rock, some Metal. But my attention has been grabbed by the latest music sensation, Sound BYTE. I don't know if that is how they are spelling it but the band is legit. I would know after the number of mentions by the self professed leader J-D during the Omaha Trip. After a number of underground practices their long awaited debut is at hand. They'll mostly play cover songs during the first ever sold out Burbank Drive Tour this weekend. I'll keep everyone posted on the tour, the gig, and if they post a personal best on Guitar Hero.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's On.

Being the World Heavyweight Champion, I will take on all challengers. XRAY, you run your mouth you complain that it wasn't a fair match. You keep crying for a rematch. If you are needing beatdown that badly you got it. Anytime, anywhere, and I'll even let you pick the stipulation for the match. Cause when I win, I don't want to hear any more excuses. THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Home, 769th.

I've lost count on the number of times I had to shoot members of our Armed Forces being deployed to serve and protect our country. I can see the looks of sadness in a person's eye. I also see acceptance of watching their loved ones go and do service for the greatest country in the world. However in the back of mind I'm going to see these families again and I hope that it's to welcome our troops back home.
Today was one of those days as the men and women of the National Guards 769th came home after a year's tour in Iraq. It's good to see them back on American soil.
It's good to see you come hone to a hero's welcome. It's good to see that a year of worrying is eased with the comfort a safe return and a job well done.
It's good to know that a year apart can only make love stronger. The love of a new bride. The love of family and friends. The love for one's country. To all of our service men and women, thank you for what you do. God Bless you and come home safe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Waiting to Qualify

With the activities at the Phallus Palace finally making it to off season. It was time for the faithful Capital Press Core to move the operation to the South Bureau. As the final day of Qualifying was upon us. We knew the early session wouldn't deliver any fireworks. Just come in set up the lap tops and make sure the Internet connection doesn't crap out.
As for the Lens Trotters stake a place in the office and wait for them to come to us. Usually that requires a quick jolt of caffeine. Ah, I see the good Senator from the Highland Road District has found the java. Good thing they had some brewed since the nearest Star Bucks was few blocks away, if it was still open. I'm a Community Coffee drinker myself.

Just as I thought, nothing to it. The two major players gunning for the precious U.S. Senate seat narrowly miss each. A little game of chicken no blip on the media radar. So just about everything is set. All who want to run for office have signed their names and paid their fees. That is until I felt a disturbance in the Force. At first I thought it was something I ate then I realized that I haven't had lunch yet. Turns out there is new contender for the 6th Congressional Seat. Good thing it was that last day of all this. We could all use a small break since the elections are right around the corner.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hanging With the Champ

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind. Watching a kick ass wrestling show. Watching some of my constituents take the performance way too seriously. And becoming the new Big Raggedy World Heavyweight Champion. I had to go for this title since I couldn't meet the requirements for the Cruiserweight division.
Time to do what every new champion would do. Party like there's no tomorrow. So after a visit to the Gold Club, the ladies loved the bling, then the Roux House, back to the Gold Club, a quick stop to Ivar's, followed by a few dances at the Crazy Horse it was time to share some moments with my peeps at the Big Raggedy.
It's the some of the Newsroom Divas. After dealing with countless votes and unexpected vetoes at the Phallus Palace, C-Line's ready for anything. I wonder if Cheryl will be her tag team partner but she may go the MMA route.
The Nubian Princess. Remember she went up to Jena,La with the Turdpolisher and won that Thousand Person Battle Royal. WWE may want to sign them to a contract.
X RAY TED. My long time rival. You think you're tough. You think you're big time.
Do you know who I am? I'm the Senator damn it. I've been passing legislation since 1999. Take that jack. You're lucky I didn't bring the Fuzzy Mic with me. My peeps are going wild. The announcers are beside themselves. "Oh, my God"!!!!
That's right. She's sweet and sassy. She may have been around the block that last couple of days but she always comes home to daddy. She's the World Championship belt. And X RAY remember, the Champ is HERE!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I remember when I was young my dad would take me to the old Mid South Wrestling shows. It was cool watching Junk Yard Dog, Cowboy Bill Watts, "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd beat the crap out their opponents as well as each other. I know wrestling isn't real but it's still fun to watch. Needless to say that when Vince McMahon brought his squared circle to the Big Raggedy. Damn right I was going to be there.
Friday Night Smackdown. TV that's changing Friday nights ended it five year hiatus to the Red Stick. So I don't confuse anyone, the show is taped on Tuesdays, I'm posting on Wednesday, and the final product is aired on Friday. Not to worry there won't be a quiz later.
Damn that's gotta hurt. Anyway you see these characters on television but watching a live event is a whole other experience. It's fun watching the show but watching others watching the show is even better. Some take it way to seriously. Watch the closed fist ref. He's pulling the hair. That's illegal, ring the bell.
Is this the part where I'm suppose to yell "Puppies, Puppies". Nothing like Diva's action. The ladies can do what the fellows do. What do you think J.R.? "Business is about to pick up."
Show's over and overall it was a good one. They wouldn't let me get in the ring with Triple H or Mark Henry but I've got my championship. No doubt I'll have some challengers. I've got a feeling that they are right around the corner, did you know?

Surprise, Surprise.

The Sec. of State's office is the assignment of the day for me, huh. No problem handling the duties of potential candidates during the Qualifying Period doesn't provide for many fireworks. That is unless some charismatic lawmaker decides to grace us with his or her presence. Or an unknown figure emerges and wants to draw attention from business as usual.
Remember her. That's right it's former TV news anchor Helena Moreno. In an earlier post I told of how she left her former life of deadlines, story telling, and lack of lunch breaks to pursue other ventures. It looks like that new venture is in the world of politics and she made it official.
She has now thrown her hat into the race for the 2nd LA Congressional District, which includes some of New Orleans. That is the seat currently occupied by Congressman William Jefferson, who currently is entrenched in a lot of legal matters. He's going to have to deal with her as well as two others who have also qualified in what looks like the race everyone is going to follow this year.
No major fireworks today. But it's only the first day of Qualifying, did you know?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Birthday America!!! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves this July 4th. But please be safe and take care. Remember those who have served this great country and those protecting it now. Take care and God Bless. Plus as an added bouns here are some reasons that make this country great.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Crap, My Shoes Got Wet

Anyone who has worked with me knows that I don't like shooting in the rain. There are too many things to deal with and a lot can go wrong. Keeping my camera dry is priority but keeping myself dry is a close second. I've come to the conclusion that organizers of outdoor events don't get what I go through.
Tonight example was a local parade on the eve of the 4th of July. Now all I ask of any organizer is to use good judgement. When it is coming down in buckets and lighting all over the place, feel free to delay the event until the weather passes. Or if the storms are too bad feel free to reschedule the event. Trust me, if we want it that bad to fill some time in the newscast we will come back for it.
Alright, got it off my soaked chest. At least the locals are having a good time inspite of the drenching conditions.
It never ceases to amaze me how we will come out for a parade and have a good time. They don't mind getting soaked, their friendly confines are not far away. As for the rest of us...

...we do what we can to keep the camera dry. Mission accomplished but I can't say the same for my shoes. Good thing I keep an extra pair handy.