Monday, March 26, 2012

Fist Pumping Emmys

You remember that, “Holy crap this isn’t real” moment I had back in December? Well I can officially say that it happened. It is real and man it is a great feeling. Never in my wildest dream would I be holding an Emmy Award let alone two of them. First let me give praise to God, without the him none of this is possible. Thanks to mom for pointing me in the right direction in life. Thanks to everyone with The 13th Gate & Red Stick Roller Derby for welcoming me with open arms and for allowing me the privilege of telling your story. And eternal gratitude to all of my friends, co workers, and peers in Television, Journalism, & the Media for helping me become the professional that I am. Thanks y’all I couldn’t have done this without you.

Now that one objective in a long career has been achieved it’s on to the next one. After all the quest for the unicorn named “Eleanor” continues.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunset Over Gulf

One of the cool points in a photographer’s world is that on some occasions that you are going to see some really great things to take pictures of. And as an added bonus you get to use the time lapse feature in post production. Like the picture my friend Jeremy Campbell, of WTVT in Tampa, got while walking the beach one day. Locking the camera down, getting the color balance straight, then hitting the record button, and let Mother Nature do her thing. Trust me she can be a handful so when she has something nice to shoot you better take advantage of it.

The end of another day captured for all to see on the evening news. Man I bet that’s a gorgeous shot to have.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Running With I-TEAM

With the first of four “Sweeps” months out of the way, I couldn’t help but think of how exhausting it was. That what happens when you are called into service for the I-Team. Yeah I know, majority of the stations across the country have one, I like keep tabs with the group over in Music City. The ones who spend countless hours thumbing through an endless number of documents looking for any “i’s” and “t’s” that haven’t been dotted or crossed. Searching for all kinds of impropriates that would send up a red flag in the day to day operations from all kinds of entities.

That’s the role of an Investigative Reporter. For me, it’s a new challenge in the ongoing quest for providing quality television news. I’ve chased spot news, got every kind of ribbon cutting imaginable, and put together tons of photo essays. So when the opportunity came to help make informative stories that require more than a few hours to shot appeasing to the viewer, I welcome it. Little Nat sound, more beauty shots, and an extra camera on some occasions does wonders. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to get things accomplished.
A lot of energy goes into one of these pieces but the payoff is worth it when everything comes together. Helps when you have great reporter on your side also. Now back to work, the next “Sweeps” month will be here before you know it.