Thursday, August 30, 2007

So It Begins....

It's that time of the year. Time for devoted fans of the Purple and Gold to meet at their favorite place, the bars or the stadium, to root for their Tigers of LSU. A lot of things are expected from this team since they're ranked #2 by just about every major media outlet in the country. Them playing and winning the National Championship is the big one. They are off to good start by just manhandling MS State, 45-0. I thought the game would be a little more interesting than that. So the faithful can now rest up for the home opener against VA Tech next week, that will be their first test. I think I know what I might be doing next Friday since Turdpolisher took the bullet this week. Thanks for the pictures, excellent work by you and Ms. Keitha. I hope they weren't rowdy for you.
One thing I wish the faithful would do is to move on. I'm so tired about everyone whinning that Nick Saban, the former coach, took the job at Alabama. It's not like he went to the Tide after he left LSU, he did go the NFL for two years. So, I ask you please to let it go.
But for those of you who can't let go. Let me show you what's coming later this season.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Chapter.

We've been writing this book for a long time. I remember it was like yesterday. It is so hard to believe that it has been two years since the worst natural disaster in U.S. History. From the tolling of the bells to the groundbreaking of a new memorial to the candlelight vigil in Jackson Square. All of these things served as a reminder to those not with us right now due to Hurricane Katrina. Some were able to get some sense of a normal life while others are still trying to find the right path. We were able to share stories of survival and courage. One story comes to mind is a lady that was dealing with cancer and lost everything in the storm. She was able to get her grandkids and relocate to Baton Rouge with the help of some local charities. Her house maybe small to some but it's a mansion in her eyes. There are also the stories of frustration. Like those in the FEMA park in Baker. They wonder if anyone cares. They wonder if enough is being done to rebuild the place they once called home.
I hope one day that I'm able to share the story of how the Gulf Coast is back better than ever. That would be the finest chapter to put in the book known as Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Calling all news dogs. Be on the look for this guy. 5'6", dark hair. Wearing glasses and a ball cap. Beautiful red head may be by his side. Last seen trying to produce the 9pm news. Half A Photog where are you? You haven't posted in weeks. We are tired of reading "5 stories and No Lunch" and watching "Fat Man dancing". Give us something new!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's up dog!!!!

Nothing new in the world of news. Just a lazy Sunday afternoon so I decided to pay my parents a visit on the other side of the river. Also I wanted to introduce a contributing partner to the Forum, my little buddy Jean Luc. He's a few months old and he is a handful. My mom told me , "She's getting a dog". I responded, "Do you really need a dog?" "Yes son. So I'm getting one".
A few days later, here is this small dog running through the house. "What's his name", I ask. "Jean Luc" my mom says. "As in the Star Trek captain". My mom has always like guys with deep voices.

Jean Luc is a Bichon Frise. A type of small indoor house dog. This is about as big as he is going to get which is good so he's easy to care for. Right now I think he shedding some teeth and he's due for a haircut soon. He's a playful little guy, always running around and getting his paws on one of his chew toys. He's always happy to see you when you walk through the door. Even though it may have been just a few minutes, he acts as you have been gone for days at a time. I've shown some of my co-workers at the Big Raggedy pictures and the biggest response is "Oh, he's adorable".

I asked him does he want to say anything about all the attention he gets. He told me yes, " Let Ms. KN know, my name is Jean Luc. Not Fifi".

Friday, August 24, 2007

They Did What???

After a day of shooting news in Iberville Parish, excellent work Ms. Caroline told we would make it happen, it was time to shot just about everyone's passion, FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! Man, I was looking forward to this. But the journey to get there had a few bumps in the road. Because the assignment sheet wasn't clear I thought my first game was in St. Francisville. I get there and the stadium is empty. I call the Sports Dept. and I'm told sorry that's our bad, we forgot to indicate where the first one was. Full Speed back to Zachary. Everything's cool.

That is until I got the news.

Official walks up to me and asks, "Do you know about the new rule?" "What new rule", I reply. "You must be 2 yards from the sideline. And you cannot be in the player's box ". "Who thought of this", I said. "Some national people I guess, must be for safety reasons".

So I'm thinking to myself, "How am I suppose to get the In Ya Face feel of the game". That's what makes shooting this game different. You make the viewer at home feel like they are in the game. Man they must be taking notes from the NFL or something. Next they'll say we have to wear vests with some logo or something so we can be identified properly.

I'm not scared to take a hit. I remember it was Southern Lab v. Dunham where I got hit twice during the game. They were asking the players if were they all right. One player bounced off of me. People on the sideline were shocked that I didn't go down from the contact. Fans in the stands were wondering what just happened. Just shook it off and kept on shooting. So I ask where in the world did safety concerns come from?????

Then it hit me. Sorry D.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Say What????

Now I know your going to find this hard to believe...there was a shooting in the B.R. Here's the catch....Pookie and Ray Ray weren't involved. I know, it shocked me to. Turn's out Cleteus and Billy Bob were the one's behind this one.

Ms. Keitha, with the new hair style, and I headed out to the boondocks to make some sense of all this. A little before noon some DPW guys were doing their normal work routine, picking up litter and cutting the grass, when Cleteus and Billy Bob show up and start yelling some explectives to the work crew. Naturally the crew throws some barbs back because let's face it if you had to work while it was hot as sin and a couple of JACKS came by talking smack you would be ticked off to. So the Country Duo leaves or so we think.

The Good Ol Boys meaning to do some harm drove back to their crib, sorry I mean their house on stilks, and grab a 12 Guage Shot Gun. The two then come back and find the works crews and start dropping rounds. Thank goodness nobody got hurt.

Now the boys in blue are involved. They go out and find Cleteus & Billy Bob and give them a all expense paid night to Litchfield Inn and Suites, or the EBR Parish Prison. I'm sure they are having fun right now. As for the crews, they are going to get whatever counseling they need. Meanwhile, Ms. Keitha, and the new Whippin hair style, puts a short story on for the late shows. But I still wonder, what are Pookie & Ray Ray up to?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some good news for a change....

In this industry it's mostly gloom and doom, if it bleeds it leads, or the daily feasting of human misery. For once it was nice to put on some good news. Here's the story of 5 year old George Woods. This kid has been dealing with a form of MD for most of his young life. Not being able to go ride a bike, or run down the street, or climb around a jungle gym has to be tough. So he was asked if he had a wish what would it be, the young man asks for a playhouse so he, his friends, and even his older sister can hang out together. So the folks over at State Police Troop A raised some money with their annual golf tournament and got to work. Not only did they purchase the materials for the playhouse they built it and then delivered it to George at his home. We are talking camo wall paint, the kid likes to go hunting with his dad, TV, DVD player, a toybox, and an air conditioner. George's expression, "This is the biggest day of my whole entire life". A bunch of strangers come together and bring happiness to a child's face. Sure is nice to tell some good news for a change.

Monday, August 20, 2007

We Are Blessed......

Someone is watching over us. Coming into Monday there was the thought of two major trials about to happen and a big monster in the Atlantic that could go anywhere. Amazing how things can go your way. First, Hurricane Dean isn't coming anywhere close to South LA, sorry Mexico. Next, suspected serial killer Sean Gillis goes ahead and pleads guilty in WBR and we were the only ones there. Excellent work Caroline and Derron. Night falls and all is quiet, until 9:20. Turdpolisher and the White Whale are sent to the well known area of town called "Mall City" for a shooting. Don't know if Pookie or Ray Ray are involved but my money is on Shortie Tim, Turdpolisher got the skinny on that one. Shortly afterwards KN and I are dispatched for a live hit for the 10. Teamwork at it's finest. I set up the camera and drag cable, Turds is handling the mast with video feed to follow. Shot goes off without hitch. All in all a good job by everyone day and night. But I can't help but think that someone is watching over us.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 1,000 mile journey...

....begins with the first step. This is my first entry on my blog. I hope to bring some interesting things from the world of television journalism from the photographer's point of view. You can thank Turdpolisher, Oreo's Crumbs, and Half A Photog for this. So I hope you enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts with me.