Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Hung Up On Who?!?!?!

Can you imagine what is going on in the mind of the person who scored the BIGGEST interview in the recent history of the show. What they had to do get one of the most influential people in television to do an early morning interview? And all you had to do was keep the line clear. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to order breakfast take out but thankfully they got Oprah back on the line.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


January 6th?!?! Man it really has been awhile since I last posted something.

But then again when you get knocked into reality because of you health then you have to make priorities. The job, the blog, the social life all take a back seat to your health. Being out for three months will make you realize that. Seeing time pass by you, not knowing if you are going to be back to your normal self because the ticker inside isn't performing properly. The only thing you have is your faith and patience, you have no idea how much I needed them both.

But I am happy to say with lifestyle changes, some meds, and a whole lot of prayers that I return to the streets of the Big Raggedy and the halls of the Asylum healthy and hungrier than ever. I'm know I'm late in saying this but from the bottom of my heart...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I promise to take better care of myself because there is so much to do and I'm going to do it with some wonderful people I am blessed to call my family and friends.

That being said...

It's great to be back, did you know?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gig Em Live Shot

In the TV biz going live from a location one of our many ways to bring the viewers there. People live through us to experience things that they can't make it to. But just like some acts in the Circus it's done without a net. The reset button on the gaming system is nowhere to be found. Thus you will find people who feel the need to cross over into the "No Fly Zone" to try to garner what little 15 minutes they. So instances turn a little violent, my buddy Lenslinger keeps great tabs on those you should check out his blog. Others, like this one right before the Cotton Bowl can be very entertaining. Maybe they're just loyal fans of Texas A&M. Maybe just they had one to many adult beverages during the tailgate. But one thing is for sure, they know Johnny "Football". With a name like that he must be good, just ask the peeps from Alabama.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgotten...

The Ball in Times Square, NY. The Fleur Dis Lis over Jackson Square in NOLA. The Big Music Note in Music City. All iconic staples to help ring in the new year for millions of people wanting to count the seconds down to a fresh start. Another staple are the number of television productions put on for those who can't make it to the big event.

We all know of the craziness that well respected journalist Anderson Cooper and comedienne Kathy Griffin will bring to CNN. Her stripping down to her undies, he with a constant case of the giggles, and she trying to kiss a "sardine" while on the platform. Not to mention the sudden blood feud they have with Ryan Seacrest, and for the record I have no problem with Seacrest being punched in the face.

However nothing the duo did in New York comes close to what independent station KDOC put on the air for the big night. The constant struggle of a host and production crew led to on air F-Bombs, camera flubs, singers who can't tell time, and an all out steel cage battle royal. Alright I mad the last one up but with a telecast this bad it would have been a welcomed sight.

So as the song says should old acquaintances be forgotten, in this case yes. I'm willing to bet the Station Manager is still recovering from that hangover.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1UP 2012 In 2013

"I move forward the only direction can't be scared to fail, search and perfection..." -- Jay Z

There is no question that 2012 overall was a good year. Yeah there were the usual roller coaster moments where thing didn't go in your favor. But there were more good moments during the last 365 that I could not imagine. From being able to run with some Beautiful Bulls, to seeing a lot of my "kids" get jobs in the business, and finally getting those little statues in the mail. We hung out with the Homecoming Queen, dealt with another unwanted natural disaster, and got nominated in the process.

Now the as the calender turns to 2013 it is a new beginning. A blank canvas to be drawn on if you like. This year will present new challenges and we'll take them on like we always do. As for me my New Year's Resolution is the same as it always is, "just be a better person."

That means professionally and personally, especially the latter. I really need to find more time for myself. Eventually lay back and try to find the First Lady. I know she's out there.

That being said, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May we all continue to find success and joy in 2013. Take care and enjoy me and my peeps in action from the past year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best of The Worst

It's no secret that I love a good laugh. Since I'm in the the news business I get to see a lot of funny things and my peers are some of the funniest. Whether it's a slip of the tongue or a miss punch to the wrong video here are moments that warm our hearts, bring a smile to our face, and leave us with a ton of laughter.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Days Of Future Past

The year was 1984. Gas was a $1.10 gallon. Tina Turner & Stevie Wonder were a couple of the big names in the Music World. You wanted to watch The Terminator at the movie theatre but got Ghostbusters instead, not a bad consolation prize. And why former WAFB'er Grey Hammett, photographer on the right, was making sure Ronald Dalton Dunnagan is in sight of his lens for the local news.

What is the the latter you ask?

It turns out the Dunnagan, middle of the picture, was implicated in a crime that caught a family off guard and leaving them with an infinite number of questions and no answers. It was late November in '84. Gary Keargan was leaving a local club with an associate thinking all was right in the world. Suddenly unforeseen events lead him to just vanish into the night sky. No one had seen or heard from Gary since. Time passes, the Police conduct their investigation which leads them Dunnagan and a female companion but things come to an impasse. The motive is there but the link is not. All of this had the making of the perfect crime novel.

Nearly three decades later, a family still has questions while a certain pair thought they had gotten away with their deeds. However, good old fashion police work with new technology said otherwise. What did you expect? After all it the had the makings of the perfect crime novel.

Editor's Note: Yeah I know the title of this entry is the name of a X Men comic book and could be turned into movie later. Believe me if that happens I can't wait to see it, did you know?