Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen

This has to be the most requested video that I've ever put together. First congrats to the LSU Tigers on a great season. You came, you saw, you conquered the college football world. Big thanks to Blades, X Ray Ted, and James D. for all of the video. Special thanks to Saliva for making the song. "Ladies & Gentlemen" is one of the best songs this past year. And thank you to everyone for being patient I wanted to get the video right. Thanks & enjoy.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The First Time

Lately here at the Big Raggedy, I've been drawing reporters that were given their first assignment. I remember when Cheryl Mercedes first got here and we got sent to a lady being arrested for not housing some of patients properly. A short while after that, Caroline Moses and I were asked to do a story on this bus driver who found a wondering baby along her route. Ironically, this was C-line's first assignment at the B.R. also. I didn't get to work with Tyana Williams and Keitha Nelson when they first got here for some reason but it all returned on Wed. My lovely assignment editor informs me that I'll be doing the sports live shot with young Erin Cofiell. Who's that you ask? Erin come to us from the "Peacock". A rival station in town with more issues than Sports Illustrated. Anyway, Erin's been assigned to preview the LSU basketball game for the early show. To do this she got to do a live shot. Just one catch, she's never done a live shot before. Naturally she excited but nervous as well. My advice, the same I give to every reporter, relax. I'll take care of the hard part. This one wasn't hard to pull off just a few more obstacles to deal with. First the she wasn't getting IFB to the truck. No problem. Just pulled out the old cell phone got an earpiece and IFB to the station was good. I had forgotten a monitor. Good thing X Ray Ted had my back. He got one to me and we were in business or so we thought. Weren't able to get a signal to the monitor in the arena. Got my personal phone and dialed in to hear programming just in case. Time for the shot and she's into it. Nerves are starting to die down. Words are flowing. Everything's going without a hitch. Not bad for her first one and like all of us we'll get better in time.
I wonder what the "Peacock" was thinking when she popped up on the air. Shot's over time to go home. Time pick up all my stuff including the cable. Now that was the hard part.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

BCS Rewind: Making A Mark

By now you have seen the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Some of the city was able to be rebuilt and continue the recovery. Other parts are laying in wait hoping the anyone would come to lend a hand.

One of those parts was the Rosenwald Boys & Girls Club. Part of the facility, with help from the NFL, was brought back with the Saints returning. However the baseball and t-ball fields were left untouched. That was until a unlikely union took place.

For ten years, Ohio State has been doing community service in the city that hosts the bowl game they are going to. Ironically the Sugar Bowl was their first stop. What they also do is invite the opponent, in this case LSU, to join them. Over 500 people came together to rebuild the fields, plant a new garden, and even make some blankets for the homeless. Seeing all this reminds you that there is still good in people in this world. And that Tigers & Buckeyes can leave their mark without playing a single snap.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

BCS Rewind: Black Magic

It's the Friday before the Championship Game, time to head to the Big Easy for our continuing coverage. KN and I have to pull some magic out of the air today. The "Going to the Ship" special airs in a few hours and we have to turn a story for the late news. Now to shoot something after the show would be fruitless so we decided head down there early to find something. "What are we going to do", she asks. I come up with this wild idea I had four years ago. "Let's find a voodoo shop and see how they are doing". She goes with it and to the French Quarter we go. After circling around we hit 541 Rue Dumaine and find Esoterica Occult Goods. I've been to the Quarter a number of times and I didn't know this place existed.
This has to be someone local. Doesn't have the commercial look. Kind of dark looking, like you would find in a movie. This place is perfect.
We walk in and meet Lady Mimi, the shop owner. At first she's a little hesitant but she starts to warm up to us. Lady Mimi is N'Awlans through and through. She's just a whirlwind of info when it comes to her passion. Educating us about Gris Gris pouches, good luck charms, and other custom made items.
She even enlighten us on what combinations can help you stay healthy. I wonder what she has to better handle a reporter. may have to come back for the good stuff.
Unfortunately, Lady Mimi informs us that all is not well in the N.O. A lot of business are struggling still despite some of the images being seen around the world and she's right, since hers is one of them. A lot of neighborhoods are still in shambles. Some business are having hard time to make ends meet. But I'm optimistic that the city will come back and she'll be there to enjoy it.

There's some magic going. A purple and Gold statue with an LSU flag. Maybe something's going on here. I didn't get a chance to see Lady Mimi after our first encounter. I'll have to make a special visit and listen more on the arts of Black Magic.