Sunday, July 24, 2011

Potter Mania

I'll admit I'm a geek. But I must be the only on the planet who hasn't seen or read the adventures of the boy wizard known as Harry Potter. Shot a story involving Quidditch yes, seeing him go one on one with Voldemort no. That is until now. The first movie was on last night and I caught a few bits and pieces of it. I'll have to borrow the series from the Meeks while I'm away from the asylum. But for now this parady from SNL is going to have to do.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ready For My Close Up

HD can be so overrated. The 720p, the HDMI, 1080 projection plasma. Think about it. Why else would fellow photographer Chris Sasser, of the Highland Road District, ditched the tapeless fancy cam with all the bells & whistles to go back to the ways of the old school. Yeah it's nice to have memory cards without the moving parts, a lens so strong you can macro flying bird poop on 120 shutter a mile away. Think I've been hanging around the Turdpolisher way too much lately. Anyhow it must be nice to hear the movement of a reel of film rolling for that Emmy Award winning shot for the masses to see. Most of us are way too you young to know that feeling but you can imagine the well dressed photographers of the past had some good times rolling around with this rig.

Guess that's why he got an inside look of a feature documentary being made on Saturday night at Death Valley.

The old school may be cool, but when we have to roam the streets filling time for the newscast we might want to keep our P2's on stand by. At least it was fun to be Hitchcock for a day.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mattafact N Flow

While I never met KATV's Matt Johnson, I can feel the latest flow he's laying off his latest single. See he is a full time reporter and part time hip hop artist & entertainment mogul. Alright maybe he won't be challenging Diddy & Jay Z for control of the entertainment world but Mattafact can throw some serious rhymes when it come to the arena of television news.

Never scared to show skills on the mic as well as with a pen & pad. He's got more than the average street cred than most reporters in his field. Always breaking exclusives & dropping platinum singles before the day is done.

Don't know if his busy schedule will allow him to tour between sweeps months nor he and his peeps are going to get a collaboration project going with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, & Eminem. But if he can get them and Katy Perry, I'll make room on my IPod for it.