Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pope of the Promo

You ever wonder where those station marketing image spots that appear on the airwaves during your regular scheduled program come from? They are usually the brain child from the crack staff of your company's marketing/promo department. That's where my buddy Chris Blades comes into play. Known to many as The Pope, no it was NOT self proclaimed by him, he's the one who grabs a pen & pad, sketch out an idea, then makes it happen with a few shoots and some news file from the archives of the Asylum. He's pulled off some magic in a matter of minutes after some big stories turned to help sell some of the hard workers at the Big Raggedy. Think about it, it he can put yours truly in one of his epic spots then he must have some great powers, DYK?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fueling The Hype Machine

As we draw closer to the "Biggest Game Ever", version 2.0 I might add, it’s time for the obligatory meet and greet of the players from both LSU & BAMA to play nice in front of the media. No need for unwarranted bulletin board material this close to game day. Wonder what questions were asked and how many of them were recycled from the last time. Just have to watch what the small army from the Big Raggedy sends back since I couldn’t make for any of the festivities. There’s always next time even though that maybe four years from now.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution

With 2011 officially in the rear view and no plans to put the brakes on in 2012, I like many all over have a New Year's Resolution. Nothing fancy, nothing outragous, just the same one I've had for some time now. What is it you ask?

Just be a better person.

Simple. Happy New Year. Make 2012 yours, DYK?