Monday, December 31, 2007

The Reviews Are In

The reviews are in and they are good. Everyone had a good time watching this year's Blooper Reel. I had great time putting this together. No one was disappointed and everyone was quite shocked with what we had. I love it when they say, "You don't have anything with me". Then ya hit one out the park. To all my reporters and anchors thank you for having a sense of humor.

To all my fellow photographers keep rolling, bring me the outtakes, the screw ups, and the unexpected. I will put them to good use for the 2008 reel.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Better to Give

This is the season of peace on earth and goodwill towards all. We were fortunate to find of couple of examples on Christmas.

First, Ms. Caroline & I made our way to St. Vincent de Paul where they are doing their annual thing of serving of dinner to the less fortunate. Also in the works was the toy giveaway for the kids but what makes this story special are the ones giving their time and energy to put smiles on people's faces.

Even after a good story like that my day wasn't over. Our night side photographer was sent out of the area so I had to stay in a while longer and shoot with KN. She gets an email about a young lady who battled kidney disease and needed a transplant. You won't believe the hook with this story.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Senator's Wish List

Dear Santa,

The Senator here. I been somewhat good this year. I mean you would go crazy too if Pookie and Ray Ray kept going nuts during the year. That being said I've got a simple wish list for Christmas. First, I've shot some pretty good stories with a good group of reporters. So please can you send some 1st Place AP Awards this way. After that we can talk Murrow's, Emmys, so on and so on.
Next on the list. Beyonce and Shakira. Yeah you know what I'm talking about you've seen the video of them together. I bet you had to make sure the Mrs. wasn't around. After the awards and the ladies, we're going to have to celebrate and I'll need money for that. So for my third wish how about the winning Powerball numbers. I would like the 300 million dollar payday but I can live off the 25 million up for grabs. Finally Santa.....I'm with America's Team so let me have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Again you know what I'm talking about. Why do think they have the hole in the roof so you can get in and get out. That's what I'm wishing for Santa. Oh, and peace on earth and good will towards man. Thanks.

Sen. R. Hollins
Government Street District

Thursday, December 20, 2007

B.R. Fog

All is quiet at the Big Raggedy this time of the year. You know things are light when Pookie & Ray Ray are behaving, they must be on Santa's naughty List. Anyway the lovely 10pm producer flashes the Bat Signal. I ask, "What's going on?" "I was out to dinner and when I came back this thick fog popped up. Would you go shoot some fog video for the weather wall?" Fog??? This early, nah can't be. With nothing happening it's a good excuse to leave the office so I head out and what do I find.I found this. She was right fog has swollowed the Big Raggedy. The Capital is somewhere in this picture. This would normally be a nice beauty shot except for tonight.
I head to a spot you can get some easy traffic pics and same thing. Fog, fog, fog. I have to check the GPS to see if I'm still in the B.R. I hope the commuters be careful in these conditions. The last thing I want is a call out. I wonder what 3rd Street looks like?
Surprise, surprise. Christmas decor barely giving off any light in this thick mess. Is this the sequel to Stephen King's "The Mist"?
All right people, ya'll enjoy the party you're going to. Be safe, designate a driver, and diversify your stocks and bonds. As for me, time to clock out and finish Christmas shopping.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


That's a term that can only describe one person...former WAFB reporter Matt Clough. He's now in the Mile High City working at KUSA but he's with the 9 News alumni first. The start of every day for him was to hit the ground running. Come in make some call to the surrounding areas to see if anything was going on we need to know about. Not to mention he would always have the nice business suits on. You would think that he was an investment banker rather that a reporter.

Ol Matt gave a call to the Senator during the winter break and it was good to hear from him. We talked about the good times at the Big Raggedy. Mostly the the recent comings and goings in the Red Stick mainly all of us he left behind.

Matt was one of those who didn't want to leave any detail out that would have made the story better. No matter if was someone upset over a sewer bill or hurricane coverage Matt put all that he had into a story. He is someone who welcomes advise but he wasn't afraid to offer some as well. One trademark of his was the unique stand up. He would come up with an idea for a stand up and no matter how crazy as it sounds we were able to pull it off somehow. One cool story we worked on was a Theft Ring involving of all things golf clubs. Yes I said golf clubs. Here's the story.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Back To Work

Good to back in session. That break was just what the doctor ordered. Nine days of not worrying about deadlines and live shots was a nice change of pace but as always...all good things come to an end. Back to the Big Raggedy.

On my way in I get a call from the lovely Ms. Anna, quite a surprise I might add, anyway she informs me that we are going get some unique gifts for LSU fans. I'm thinking this is a nice way to start the work week. Nice little pacer, no blood, no gore, no unusual mayhem that happens during the night shift.

Here's where it gets interesting, we don't go to the campus store or the specialty spot in the mall. We find a local hardware store the selling the goods. Nice twist. Get the management to talk to us, find a couple of people shopping, mic up some of the merchandise and fill some time on the news. Not a bad way to get back in the flow of things.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


After reuniting kids with their fathers in prison, helping the Tiger Band raise some money, chasing Pookie & Ray Ray, doing a ton of live shots, and shooting Kill Bill v. 3 its time for a break. With that said the Forum shall recess for the winter break. All unheard legislation shall be refiled and scheduled a hearing. Any new legislation will be handled by Rep. XRay Ted and or Sen. Polisher, if the STW isn't keeping his hands full.

Therefore is there a motion.

"Sen. I move that we adjourn for the winter break". Any objection. Hearing none, motion carries. Be safe, God Bless you, and God Bless the Big Raggedy.