Thursday, January 3, 2013

Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgotten...

The Ball in Times Square, NY. The Fleur Dis Lis over Jackson Square in NOLA. The Big Music Note in Music City. All iconic staples to help ring in the new year for millions of people wanting to count the seconds down to a fresh start. Another staple are the number of television productions put on for those who can't make it to the big event.

We all know of the craziness that well respected journalist Anderson Cooper and comedienne Kathy Griffin will bring to CNN. Her stripping down to her undies, he with a constant case of the giggles, and she trying to kiss a "sardine" while on the platform. Not to mention the sudden blood feud they have with Ryan Seacrest, and for the record I have no problem with Seacrest being punched in the face.

However nothing the duo did in New York comes close to what independent station KDOC put on the air for the big night. The constant struggle of a host and production crew led to on air F-Bombs, camera flubs, singers who can't tell time, and an all out steel cage battle royal. Alright I mad the last one up but with a telecast this bad it would have been a welcomed sight.

So as the song says should old acquaintances be forgotten, in this case yes. I'm willing to bet the Station Manager is still recovering from that hangover.

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