Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gig Em Live Shot

In the TV biz going live from a location one of our many ways to bring the viewers there. People live through us to experience things that they can't make it to. But just like some acts in the Circus it's done without a net. The reset button on the gaming system is nowhere to be found. Thus you will find people who feel the need to cross over into the "No Fly Zone" to try to garner what little 15 minutes they. So instances turn a little violent, my buddy Lenslinger keeps great tabs on those you should check out his blog. Others, like this one right before the Cotton Bowl can be very entertaining. Maybe they're just loyal fans of Texas A&M. Maybe just they had one to many adult beverages during the tailgate. But one thing is for sure, they know Johnny "Football". With a name like that he must be good, just ask the peeps from Alabama.

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