Sunday, July 15, 2012

El Encierro of Nueva Orleans

Senator's Log: July 14th. 8AM. New Orleans. A place rich in diverse culture. A gumbo of international flavor that gives the city it's ambiance. Known for Mardi Gras during carnival but today it was time to pay homage to the tradition in Pamplona, Spain. It was time for El Encierro (bull run).

Thousands of people would converge on the Big Easy to test their strength and endurance while avoiding the ferocity of the bulls running rampant across the streets. It is run at your own risk. Throw in the added party atmosphere and you have a powder keg of humanity ready to explode at any moment. With the that much intense emotion no ordinary photographer could handle this sitution.

An assignment so dangerous, so deadly that only one man could pull this off. That man is Senator Roberto Del Rio. Known to many as El guapo fot├│grafo Insane or The Insane Handsome Photographer. There is not much information on this mysterious individual. Those close to him tell me that he is a solid photojournalist, a fan of Licha Libre Wrestling in Mexico, and an admirer of Roller Derby. Guess he has a thing for beautiful women who deliver hip checks while wearing fishnets on roller skates. This will truly be a test of his skills. This is what he brought back and I'm sure he'll want to be a part of this tradition for years to come.

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