Sunday, October 7, 2012

She's Our Queen

As the calender turns to October, the crisp cool fall air begins to settle in all over. A nice change from the usual humidity I might add. It is also time for the annual homecoming festivities. The yearly tradition where alumni from all over return to place they once spent time at while advancing their educational opportunities. They return to share the memories that were forged in the past while creating new ones for the generations to come.

This year I missed Homecoming at my Alma Mata, comes with the territory never know where my next assignment is on Friday night. However I got a pretty good consolation prize. Word got back to us at the Big Raggedy, that a bunch kids were going to give a young lady the chance to live out the school year on cloud nine. Turns out the kids were going to campaign heavily in favor of not the most popular girl but rather the most deserving one.


A day and age where looks, popularity, and who you know give way to kids being unselfish? Pretty cool isn't it. Always good to tell some good news, did you know?

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